Our Process

Chesapeake Plastics brings your ideas to life! Our experienced team is there through every step of the manufacturing process. We are a one stop shop offering engineering and design, prototyping, tooling and manufacturing all in one place. We pride ourselves on providing an efficient process for our customers because we can design, machine, manufacture and assemble all under one roof. Our Southern Maryland facility has the capability to produce almost any size batch required- from just 100 parts to 10,000+ parts.

Complete Lifecycle Support

3D printing isn’t just for prototypes. Forward-thinking manufacturers are gaining an edge by using 3D designs to create production parts, tools and more. At each phase in the product development lifecycle, we find ways to help you improve efficiency and your bottom line.

Our expert team provides technical consultation on existing designs or can design your concept from scratch. The entire design process at Chesapeake Plastics is completed in-house by experienced engineers using CAD/CAM technology and 3D Imaging. Our team can work with you at any stage of the design process to ensure your design will deliver the exact part you want.

Chesapeake Plastics utilizes a stepped approach to support our customers. Utilizing Fused Deposit Manufacturing Chesapeake Plastics can provide rapid prototypes. These functional parts allow the customer to rapidly validate their concept, seek market acceptance or attain financial backing.

Using the high quality equipment and employing expert workmanship, Chesapeake Plastics constructs quality tools, from single cavity short production run molds to more complex high production molds with multiple cavities. Our molds can be made with your choice of steel or aluminum.

Our versatile manufacturing process is scalable to provide to accommodate almost any size batch of parts necessary. We have a streamlined approach to manufacturing where parts only go in a box once during production, meaning shorter lead times for the products on the line.