Chesapeake Plastics has over 30 years experience building high quality molds all in house. Proudly made in the USA. From small quick change MUD bases to the largest dedicated DME style mold Chesapeake Plastics has the manufacturing capability to deliver the tool you need at the price you require. We understand that often a quick turnaround is a priority for our clients. Therefore, our typical turnaround for molds is approximately two weeks, depending on the complexity of the project.

We use advanced technology and the latest equipment to build our molds, ensuring your tools works during the first run and throughout the remainder of the project.

Mold Types:

Universal Mold

Our patent pending universal mold is what makes the difference, a quick change universal mold that reduces the overall tooling time by nearly half that of commercial MUD style quick change mold bases. Unlike other rapid tooling companies that produce proprietary mold bases that only fit their molding machines, the Chesapeake Plastics Universal mold fits any standard molding machine. Ownership of the mold is 100% customer so relocation of the production is not a problem.

Near Net Manufacturing

For customers in need of the speed and cost savings of an injection molded part but with the precision of a machined part Chesapeake Plastics specializes in near net manufacturing. Coupled with state of the art computer software and our off the shelf mold bases Chesapeake Plastics can deliver your precision machined components is only days with the cost savings of an injection molded product!

Bridge Tooling

A perfect category for crowdsource friendly products. Low to medium volume production where entry to market is based the lowest cost manufacturing process available that is where we excel. Who better to understand the crowdsource process than those that have experienced it. Chesapeake Plastics has helped several entrepreneurs go from concept to completed product through their crowdsource campaign; let us help you with yours.