Markets We Serve

Over the past 13 years that Chesapeake Plastics has been in operation, our team has provided designs, tooling, prototypes, and manufacturing to a broad range of industries. We have had the opportunity to work with many customers with specific manufacturing needs, from government entities to individual investors and crowdsource entrepreneurs. Our in-house capabilities, combined with our technical expertise make Chesapeake Plastics the one-stop-shop for injection molded products in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Department of Defense (DoD)

Chesapeake Plastics is proud to provide high quality engineered products and parts to the Department of Defense for over a decade. We understand the level of precision necessary to conform to government specifications. We also follow strict manufacturing procedures, utilize lean manufacturing principles and we are an ISO 9000 compliant manufacturer.

From concept to production, Chesapeake Plastic has the capability to produce durable molded parts that meet specific design requirements and will consistently perform. Because we perform all work at our Southern Maryland facility, our work is completed quickly and accurately, allowing us to produce a product in as little as one week. We have completed work for several government clients, including the Indian Head Naval Surface Warfare Center in Charles County, Maryland.

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You Have The Ideas. We Have The Experts!

Chesapeake Plastics can help bring your ideas to reality! By working with Chesapeake Plastics, our team will work with you through every step of the process, from concept to production. Our experienced engineers understand today’s market and can utilize our in-house capabilities to create the product to fit your needs and the requirements of crowdsource projects.

We can work with you at any point of your process. We are able to work with you with even just an idea of what you imagine your product will be. In fact, this is the best place to start because our knowledgeable engineers can make sure your design is efficient and feasible from the start.

Other Benefits:
  • Quick Turnaround time from design to prototype
  • Low Investment Cost with High Return Rate
  • Access to Experienced Engineers who can make sure your design is feasible and cost effective

Other Industries Served:

  • Recreational
  • Sports
  • I.T. Hardware