Facilities and Equipment

Chesapeake Plastics has state of the art equipment to fill your business needs. Whether you are in need of a small part from our 30 ton Trubor injection molding machine or a large piece from our 500 ton HPM New Britian machine or somewhere in between Chesapeake Plastics will fill your order on time and on specification.

Molding Machines:

  • 30 Ton Trubor Injection molding machine 2 oz.
  • 45 Ton Kawaguchi injection molding machine 4 oz.
  • 120 Ton Kawaguchi injection molding machine 6.5 oz.
  • 154 Ton Fortune Injection molding machine 10.8 oz.
  • 180 Ton Kawaguchi injection molding machine 10 oz.
  • 500 Ton HPM New Britian Injection molding machine 52oz.
  • Drill Unit 4 station precision cutting mill

Molding Machines:

  • Fui Min 550X Robotic Sprue Pickers
  • Foremost Direct Feedback Granulators
  • Sterlco Temperature controllers
  • 10 Ton Chiller system
  • Dynacon Parts Conveyers
  • Kona Hot Runner Manifold controls
  • 2 Digital Counting scales with Barcode printer output

Material Handling

  • Novatec 600lb capacity model NPD-150 Dryer
  • Novatec 30lb capacity Model MD-15 Dryer
  • Whitlock Model AEC twin Bed dryer
  • Dollins Dehumidifier Dryer

Chesapeake Plastics can also work with existing designs to convert a metal part into plastic. One benefit from metal-to-plastic conversion is the weight of the part can be significantly decreased. There is also a cost savings associated with metal-to-plastic conversion, as plastic parts are typically more cost effective than their metal counterparts.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved Quality of Product
  • Reduced Manufacturing Time
  • Increased durability of product
  • Improved consistency of product
  • Ability to create more complex shapes