Part of the process from design to production includes the creation of a prototype. A prototype is a great way to test out a design before going into production to find any potential flaws in the design or manufacturing process. We provide Proof-of-Concept Prototypes, which allows you to confirm that your product works the way it is intended to and serves as a model to show others, such as investors, how your product works. By presenting a Proof-of-Concept Prototype, you can add strength to your demonstration and build confidence in your potential investors.

Utilizing Fused Deposit Manufacturing Chesapeake Plastics can provide rapid prototypes. These functional parts allow the customer to rapidly validate their concept, seek market acceptance or attain financial backing.

Once the concept has been proven we utilize the same solid models used during the prototype phase to manufacture tooling inserts for production. To ensure the quickest time to market we depend on Direct to Metal Laser Sintering technologies and cryogenic processing to manufacture production capable tooling in a matter of days.

In today’s reduced time to market economy the use of 3D functional parts has become a necessity for designers and engineers. The ability to test the fit form and function of a concept prior to committing a company’s resources is a wise and legitimate course of action.

Chesapeake Plastics utilizes the latest in FDM rapid prototyping technology to produce fully functional prototype parts. The advantages to using FDM include the speed and usability of the end product. Because it is made from real ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), the part mimics an actual injection molded part. The build time for the machine is one of the fastest in the industry and there is no clean-up required, allowing for a lower unit cost to the customer.