The team at Chesapeake Plastics has extensive knowledge and experience in designing injection molded parts. For over three decades, they have provided design consultation and support to small businesses, entrepreneurs, national corporations and the Department of Defense. Our engineers can provide assistance any phase of the client’s design. Our mold are designed using the latest programs available to our engineers.

When engineering a new tool, Chesapeake Plastics always designs with the project goals in mind. Even if you have a rough sketch or even just a concept you have been thinking about, our engineers can create a design that is optimal for production and will create the lowest manufacturing cost. Our team also has comprehensive knowledge to assist in choosing materials based on the project needs.

When working with an existing design, Chesapeake Plastics will review and make suggestions to improve the design or modify so it is functional. Our goal with any design is to ensure the tool produced will create a high quality product the first time.

To ensure your designs are secure, we use an internal website portal where you can safely upload your designs for review. Once the design is complete, we can create a Proof-of-Concept Prototype which can confirm your part works and provide a demonstration to potential investors on how your products works.

Chesapeake Plastics can also work with existing designs to convert a metal part into plastic. One benefit from metal-to-plastic conversion is the weight of the part can be significantly decreased. There is also a cost savings associated with metal-to-plastic conversion, as plastic parts are typically more cost effective than their metal counterparts. Other benefits include:

  • Improved Quality of Product
  • Reduced Manufacturing Time
  • Increased durability of product
  • Improved consistency of product
  • Ability to create more complex shapes

Design and Data Formats