Hi-Tech Plastics Manufacturer Sets Up Shop in Calvert; Competes with Asian Manufacturers

When Tupperware needed a special commemorative plastic bell, which actually rings, they sought the unique talents of CPM Fastools. When Scientific Generics needed a housing case for a camera that reads written text and provides audio translation for blind people, they used the technology of CPM Fastools. And when the Smithsonian wanted a “peanut-butter proof” casing for hand-held PDAs to be used by children touring the museum, CPM Fastools’ quick turnaround and cost-effective product development skills fit the bill.

From rapid prototype development to plastic molds and metal processing, CPM Fastools provides a wide range of services and products for the manufacturing industry using laser sintering, cryogenic processing and rapid prototyping. Laser sintering creates three-dimensional parts by fusing, or “sintering,” metal powders in multiple thin layers using a 200W CO2 Laser. The parts gradually increase in size until they reach the final desired dimensions. Cryogenic processing offers the ability to enhance the abrasion and fatigue resistance of materials using technologies operating at temperatures below 120oK, or -244oF. CPM Fastools’ ability to provide small runs of products quickly and cost-effectively has made the company a popular solutions provider for a host of manufacturing applications.

CPM Fastools, a subsidiary of Chesapeake Plastics Manufacturing, began operations last year with the delivery of new laser sintering and cryogenics equipment valued at over $500,000. Co-owners Mark McGrath and Steven Moore say this new equipment allows their company to compete against Asian counterparts with technology that is rare in the United States; in fact, their new equipment is the first of its kind in Maryland.

All this innovation recently earned Moore and McGrath special accolades from the Small Business Administration. In the spring of this year, they received the distinction of being selected by the Bush Administration as Small Business Owners of the Year during Small Business Week. The honor allowed the pair to be recognized by Maryland Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. at a special function in Annapolis and included an invitation to a celebratory ceremony held at the White House with President Bush, members of the Small Business Administration and others. “We are especially pleased with this award,” said Moore. “It helps to raise awareness not only about the important economic impact of America’s manufacturing industry, but it was also very exciting for us as small business owners.” McGrath added, “Plus, it’s always nice to be recognized for a job well done.”

For more information on CPM Fastools, please call 410.394.6733, send an e-mail to mark@cpmfastools.com or visit their Web site at www.cpmfastools.com. For more information on the Calvert County Department of Economic Development and the many services the County offers the business community, contact the Calvert County, Maryland Department of Economic Development at 410.535.4583, 800.331.9771 or 301.855.1880; by e-mail at info@ecalvert.com,or on the Web at www.ecalvert.com.