Chesapeake Plastics Manufacturing Locates Headquarter Facility in Calvert County, MD

PRINCE FREDERICK, MD, Dec. 15 — The Calvert County Department of Economic Development announced that a new company — Chesapeake Plastics Manufacturing (CPM) — has opened its doors at Ship Point Business Park, Lusby, MD.

CPM is a plastic injection molding manufacturer specializing in Department of Defense contracting support, with the remainder supporting the maritime, construction, hardware, computer, access flooring and after-market auto industries. Mark McGrath and Steven Moore, co-owners of the company, have over 25 years combined experience in the plastics industry. The company has been in operation since September 2003 after the retirement of their former employer. “Our former employer’s customers supported our decision and we had contracts before we had a building,” said McGrath. The company serves the entire Metropolitan Washington, DC area, as well as national and international customers.

The Ship Point facility incorporates World Class Lean Manufacturing principles in production cells and is ISO 9000/2000 compliant in quality. Manufacturing capabilities include 30-500 tons of molding machine clamping force, secondary operations to include all options for part machining and decoration. Full design and mold building capabilities have been partnered with local firms. “We will also be partnering with overseas operations that meet our standards of quality to remain competitive. It’s hard to compete in cost when we compensate our workers with a decent living wage plus benefits, but no one can beat our quality and customer service,” said Moore.

“The decision to locate in Calvert County became the option of choice after a meeting with Linda Vassallo, director of economic development. She and James Shepherd of the Calvert County Department of Economic Development (DED) proved to us that Calvert County is the most supportive county in the state of Maryland for new businesses,” said Moore who focused on the development of the business plan.

“The influence of the Department of Economic Development with the added support of the Board of Calvert County Commissioners were the deciding factors in bringing Chesapeake Plastics Manufacturing to its’ location in Lusby,” McGrath said. “Additionally, Francis Gardiner and Gerald Morgan of Gardiner Realty and Development Company finalized the decision making process with an affordable building in an ideal location. Calvert provides outstanding support and incentives to locate a business here. In return we will do everything we can to support the community and employ local residents. I grew up in Calvert and it feels great to both live and work here,” McGrath said.

The Calvert County Economic Development Authority (EDA) provided a $75,000 low interest loan because of CPM’s solid business plan and customer base. “We are thrilled to have CPM, Inc. in Calvert County,” Vassallo said. “It is always rewarding to work with a client to determine their needs and discover a course of action to address those needs and get them operating as fast as possible. We look forward to a long working relationship with Steve and Mark and will continue to provide whatever assistance possible to ensure their success.”

“The County is ecstatic about Chesapeake Plastics,” said David Hale, president, Board of County Commissioners. “This is yet another success story for the County’s ability to attract quality business here. Our aggressive approach in tailoring specific company needs is what puts us in the forefront. I hope that other companies will take the lead and follow in Steve and Mark’s path, making Calvert County their business location. On behalf of the BOCC and the citizens, I wish them the best of luck here.”

Before opening their doors, the owners of CPM took a deliberate approach to securing the success of their new company. Moore developed a comprehensive business plan while McGrath secured a solid customer base. With the business plan and contracts in-hand they approached William Hitte of the Maryland Small Business Development Center Network and Steven Wall of the Maryland Department of Business & Economic Development (DBED). Working together, the business plan was refined and presented to Stephen Hall of Branch Banking & Trust Co.

“We needed Bill Hitte’s and Steve Wall’s knowledge and support to get this project off the ground,” said Moore. “I had heard BB&T was small business friendly, but with Steve Hall’s advice and financing options we had the confidence to move forward with our venture,” added McGrath. With the expertise and under the guidance of Christopher Reynolds of Reynolds & Manning, P.A. Law Firm, Chesapeake Plastics Manufacturing Incorporated was born. “With Chris Reynolds behind us we felt confident we were going to be successful,” said McGrath.

In addition, Maryland DBED awarded CPM a $15,000.00 Maryland Industrial Training Program (MITP) grant. Wall noted that this is the first time the award has been received in Southern Maryland. It was awarded due to CPM’s unique fast-track start-up situation, to help with company development and specialized training needs.

“Going from initial concept to actual production in three months is not easy. We did not do this alone. We were fortunate to have the support of our families and so many people willing to help us get this company up and going,” said McGrath, “and we are already planning to expand by the end of our first fiscal year.”

The injection molding process begins with pelletized polymer chemicals properly dried, fed into an injection molding press, heated to liquid form and injected under pressure into a pre-formed metal mold. It is then cooled to solid and ejected from the mold. The molded part is then machined and decorated to the customer’s specifications.

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Source: Calvert County Department of Economic Development

CONTACT: Linda S. Vassallo of the Calvert County Department of Economic Development, 410-535-4583

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